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    Directors’ liability

Are your private assets well protected?

By using a directors’ liability insurance, you are protecting your private assets as a director, commissioner, or supervisor. This protection concerns damage caused by the legal person itself and/or legal third parties as a result of negligent governance during the legislative period. Generally, directors will always be privately liable.

In case a decision you made during your legislative period backfires, the legal fees of an attorney can be significant. This is a risk worth protecting by means of a directors’ liability insurance.

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Advantages of our service:

  • Experience with professional service providers
  • Strong premiums
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Comparison of premiums and terms
  • Guaranteed response within one working day

Who needs directors’ liability insurance?

  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Commissioners
  • Foundations
  • Associations

Examples of directors’ liability:

  • Wrong policy decisions and negligent governance
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employee claims
  • Tax – or other authorities’ claims.
  • Claims as a result of stricter law and legislation