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    Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber world’s largest business risk

Recently, cyber incidents have been seen as the biggest business risk globally. There are many digital developments and the risk of digital incidents is increasing.

Cyber Risk insurance covers the financial consequences of a breach in your system or data protection. Oftentimes, damages are caused by hackers or software problems. When your computers are hacked, there is a risk that you and your employers are prevented from working. Besides this disruption, there is a chance of receiving liability claims and high penalties.

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Advantages of our service:

  • Extensive experience in Cyber Risk
  • Strong premiums
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Comparison of premiums and terms
  • Guaranteed response within one working day

What is covered in Cyber Risk insurance:             

- Computer crime

- Costs of cyber threat
- Costs of recovery
- Costs of rewards
- Costs of reporting duties
- Intellectual property damage
- Liability
- Loss in turnover
- Loss of data
- Reputational damages
- Penalties