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Your personal insurances

Have you insured your personal risks through different providers? Are you looking for one advisor to manage all your insurances? Bastinck & van Doesum offers you an independent adised based on your personal situation.

An insurance package that fits you

Besides separate risk insurances, Bastinck & van Doesum offers also insurance packages in which all coverages can be combined. When you purchase a new car or go on travel, the new insurance policy can easily be added to the package.

The benefits of an insurance package:

  • All insurances combined
  • You choose which insurances are included in the package
  • Single point of contact
  • Comparison of different packages
  • Competative premiums

Report damage?

To report a damage you can reach out to us by phone anytime. More easy is it to use the digital damage form. After receival we will take care of a swift and proper handling of your damage report. 


Components of the personal insurance package:     
- Liability
- Residential house 
- Property
- Jewelry and valuable items
- Car
- Motor, moped or scooter
- Travel insurance 
- Legal expenses insurance
- Ongevallen
- Pleziervaartuig
- Caravan

Request for information

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- Informatie over het energielabel : www.energielabel.nl

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