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    Term life insurance

Your term life insurance

Insurance is like an airbag; you hope you never need it, but when something happens you're glad it's there. It is no longer mandatory to take out term life insurance in addition to your mortgage.

However, it is sensible so that your partner and/or child(ren) can continue to live in the house in the event of death. Death is enough for the next of kin. Let alone if the house has to be sold and moved.

When taking out the mortgage, we look at the risks and the required insurance cover together with you. We are happy to advise you.

Maintenance of your insurance

A lot changes during your life. Home renovations, having children, moving, getting married, getting divorced, retiring, you name it. Everything influences your personal situation and wishes in its own way.

When buying a home, it is advisable to take out term life insurance so that your partner and/or child can continue to live in the home after death. In many cases, term life insurance runs parallel to the mortgage, but anything can happen in your life over the years. Due to these changes, the coverage of your current insurance may no longer match your situation.

Together with you, we can examine your situation and make an analysis and advice whether your insurance still fits your needs.

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