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Sustainability from your mortgage

You will not have missed it. In the news, on commercials and perhaps already at the neighbors; sustainability. It can no longer be ignored. With the rising energy prices and the independence of gas, making your home more sustainable is good for your wallet and for the environment.

Insulating, installing solar panels and maybe even installing a heat pump will save you on your energy bill. In addition, sustainability increases the value of your home and a good energy label can offer a discount on your mortgage interest.

Would you like to future-proof your home and save on your energy bill? Then make an appointment without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

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Save on notary and valuation costs

If you choose to make more sustainable with the equity of the mortgage, it may be wise to include general maintenance on the home.

In this way, the mortgage only has to be increased once and you only incur costs once at the notary and appraiser. That is quickly saved!

Financing small-scale sustainability

Do you want to carry out a small renovation for sustainability and do you not want to incur any valuation and notary costs at all? Then there are possibilities to finance the renovation with a homeowners loan at an attractive interest rate.
We can advise you which financing best suits your situation.

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The interest on a homeowners loan has an added advantage over other loan targets. The interest on your homeowners credit is tax deductible.

Forms of financing

Which form of financing is most suitable for making it more sustainable/renovated, depends on your personal situation. There are options to increase your mortgage for this or through a homeowners credit or a personal loan. We will work with you to see what best suits your situation.