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    Mortgage refinancing

Should you refinance your mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage can be interesting if the current market interest rate is lower than the one you are paying. In that case, refinancing your mortgage will result in a decrease in your monthly payments.

Covid-19 update

Last year, there was an increase in mortgage requests, properties were sold quicker and house prices kept rising. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the interest rate reached a record low in the Netherlands. That is mainly the reason why many people decided to refinance their mortgages against more favorable interest rates. Are you interested to learn what is possible in your situation?

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Renovating or solar panels. This is the moment!

In addition to low interest rates, there are more reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage. For example, you can seize this moment to increase the amount of your mortgage in order to renovate your home, install solar panels or repay personal loans. Another opportunity is to commit to this low interest rate for a longer period to ensure future stability.

There are certain factors that are important to determine if refinancing your mortgage would be beneficial. Most importantly is the remaining fixed interest period and the difference with the current mortgage interest rate.

Penalty rate

Our mortgage advisors can calculate the financial gain or loss when refinancing your mortgage, considering the interest rate advantage, penalty rates and the refinancing charges. Refinancing your mortgage can be more appealing knowing that penalty rates are tax-deductible.

As an alternative to penalty rates, certain mortgage providers offer interest rate averaging. In this situation, your new interest rate would be an average of the old interest rate and the lower current interest rate.

Bastinck & van Doesum will guide you in making the right choices and support the whole process from beginning to end.