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    Mortgage refinancing

To transfer or not to transfer your mortgage?

Transferring your current mortgage can be interesting if the current interest rate for mortgages is lower than the mortgage interest rate you are paying now. By transferring the mortgage, the monthly housing costs will be lower. Refinancing can also be good because other banks can offer better conditions for the future.

Last year, there was an increase in mortgage requests, properties were sold quicker and house prices kept rising. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the interest rate reached a record low in the Netherlands. That is mainly the reason why many people decided to refinance their mortgages against more favorable interest rates. Are you interested to learn what is possible in your situation?

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Penalty interest

Our mortgage specialist can calculate for you whether the penalty interest and consultancy costs to be paid outweigh the financial advantage of a lower mortgage interest rate. The penalty interest to be paid is tax-deductible and in your case may mean that refinancing the mortgage is more attractive.

As an alternative to paying penalty interest, a number of mortgage lenders also offer interest rate averaging. The new interest rate is an average of the old and the new mortgage interest.

Bastinck & van Doesum supports you in making the right choice and will guide you throughout the entire process.