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    Interest rate averaging

More information on interest rate averaging

The mortgage interest rate is at a record low. Therefore, it can be interesting to discover the opportunities of refinancing your mortgage at a lower interest rate instead of completing your fixed interest period. The bank will have penalty rates for refinancing a mortgage which not everyone can afford. Then, an alternative might be interest rate averaging.  

Using interest rate averaging, the interest rate loss of the bank, for breaching the contract, will be settled with an interest mark-up on the new lower interest rate.

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Advantages of interest rate averaging:

  • This way you can instantly benefit from the low interest rate resulting in lower monthly payments
  • The penalty rate is spread over your new fixed interest period instead of a one-time payment
  • You are ensured of lower monthly payments for a longer period
  • Potentially, you can use the financial gain to repay more on your mortgage

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