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    Financing solar panels

Financing solar panels

Would you like to install solar panels to contribute to improving the climate? In addition to your sustainable efforts, you can also save on your energy bills. Solar panels require a significant investment. In case you do not have the resources right now or prefer to preserve your cash, there are possibilities to borrow money against competitive interest rates.

We can advise you what type of loan would fit best in your situation.

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Loans used for solar panels have an additional advantage compared to loans for other purposes. The tax authority classifies installing solar panels as improving your house. That makes the interest on your loan for solar panels tax-deductible.

Types of financing

The best type of financing for your solar panels depends on your situation. There are opportunities to increase your mortgages, use a homeowners credit, a revolving credit or a personalized loan. Together with our advisors, we can discover what would fit best in your situation.