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    Disability insurance

Continuing doing business, but what if you really can not go on?

Being an entrepreneur means also to carry the financial risk of disability. Entrepreneur and self-employed workers can not fall back on social security benefits for disability. Finally, there is always the possibility to ask for social assistance, but this is conditional and after using most personal savings.  


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Just insure what is essential!

Bastinck & van Doesum offers independent advice based on your personal situation. It is important that only the real income will be insured to avoid unnecessary costs. We will take care of providing you with all relevant information to ensure that you can make the right choices. After our intake meeting or video-call, we will make an analysis of the available insurance proposals. Annually, we will review your policy and adjust it when needed. 

Advantages of our service:

  • Affordable disability insurance
  • We only insure the essential income
  • Good coverage for starters
  • Free choice of provider
  • Comparison of premiums and terms
  • Claim assistance in case of disability
  • Governance and ongoing management
  • Guaranteed response within one working day