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    Occupational Health Service

Prevent long term absence 

According the Act "Improvement Gatekeeper" (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter) the employer and the sick employee have the obligation to strive together for a swift recovery and return to work in a responsible manner. 

Mandatory contract for Occupational Health Service / Physician

Employers have the legal obligation to contract an Occupational Health Service (arbodienst) or Occupational Physician. Each employee has the legal right to consult an occupational physician. When there is doubt about the judgement of the physician, a second-opinion by another occupational physician can be requested.

When the employer can not prove sufficient efforts for the reintegration of the employee, then the employer can be forced to pay a third year of sickness benefit to the employee. Therefore, it is important to reduce and control the absence as much as possible.


Subscription / providers: Arboned Capability Consense Keerpunt Zorg van de Zaak
Basic activities € 30,- € 29,95 € 35,- € 33 € 40,80
Extensive € 109,- € 129.95 € 211,- € 117,- € 114,15

Annual costs per person.

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