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    Absence and Sick Pay Insurance

At a glance all insurers compared!

With our complete solution Absence Care you will find all necessary income risks covered for your staff. This Sick Pay Solution will also offer prevention, absence support, reintegration and legal advice to keep your financial risks limited. With Absence Care you will link knowledge and solutions in one program with free choice of insurer. The management and administration of the absence process is fully automized for you from day one until completion of the reintegration files.


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The advantages:

  • Free choice of insurer
  • Comparison of premiums and terms
  • One policy with complete coverage
  • One absence registration with straight-through processing to Occupational Health Service
  • One post-settlement of premiums (once a year)
  • One portal with management information on your absence 
  • One single point of contact
  • Easily switching to a new insurer without administrative hassle
  • Optimal advice and support
  • All insuring disciplines available  


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Available in BnvD Absence Care:    
-  Sick pay insurance
 - Occupational Health Service (Arbo)
 - ZW private insurance
- WGA private insurance
 - WGA gap- disability benefit
 - WGA <35% disability benefit
 - WIA excess disability benefit
 - Legal support
 - Prevention and reintegration