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    Absence management

Sustainable reduction of absence costs

As an employer you often have to deal with absence due to sickness of your staff. Absence has many shapes and forms like short-term, long-term, repeating. As absence causes additional costs and loss of revenues, it is important to hold grip on absence.

Obviously, you have thought of insuring your absence risks, but this has not reduced your absence rate itself. In the field of absence there is a lot of regulation - e.g. Act on Improvement Gatekeeper (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter). Also, many providers play their role in reducing absence (Occupational Health Service, UWV, reintegration specialists, etc.).

Bastinck & van Doesum offers an Absence Management program which gives you the opportunity to deal with absence on a full scale. By looking after correct execution of absence procedures and monitoring absence cases, the absence rate in your organization will be sustainably lower. Our range of services will take care of these processes, relieve you of the administrative hassle and will result in lower costs.


More information and free consultation

Absence Management Services

Our services regarding absence management contain the following elements:

  • Absence analysis
  • Defining absence policy (including consent works council / personnel representation)
  • Draft absence procedure
  • Grip on absence together with your HR-team and prevention officer
  • Market review and contracting Occupational Health Service
  • Purchasing RI&E (risk inventory) and/or PMO (periodic medical examination)
  • Coaching management about absence discussions with individuals
  • Individual case analysis and support for long-term absence cases
  • Monitoring progress ongoing cases and absence support
  • Introduction of our network specialists (lawyer, case manager, budget coach, etc.)
  • Heads up on current affairs and periodic feedback to management
  • Analysis of private insurances for ZW- and WGA-benefits

Tailor made services

Based on your wishes we will compose a tailor made package of services for you. The services of Bastinck & van Doesum are executed by experienced specialist and provided on consultancy rates. We can provide both on-going as one term projects.